About Us

Born A Musician offers the independent artist more than any other musical distribution company.


About Us

Born A Musician offers the independent artist more than any other musical distribution company.

Born A Musician offers the independent artist more

Born A Musician’s online subscription service enables musicians and artists to sell, promote and distribute their music globally through a powerful viral database. We currently have over 250 digital stores worldwide including iTunes, iTunes Radio, iTunes Match, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, TIDAL, Pandora, XBOX, KKBOX, Deezer, Rhapsody / Naptster, 7 Digital, and so many more. We also offer YouTube Monetization on every Single, EP, and Album that is uploaded online using our digital subscription services at no extra charge. Born A Musician also offers services such as mastering, recording, web page design, widgets, consulting, photography, album art, and press releases.

We do all that through our parent company Rising Sun Music recording studios which are located in Tampa, Florida. We also have our own Facebook Group Page to help to artists promote shows and sell their music online. Born A Musician, digital subscription services offers the easiest music distribution platform in the world. Sign up for free and find out for yourself how easy it is.

Mission Statement

Being true lovers of music, we pride ourselves on stimulating the musical economy and re-educating artists ensuring a bright future for the music industry of today and tomorrow by:

  • Keeping a positive and encouraging attitude with artists and business associates.
  • Offering various subscription packages for the artist’s goals and needs to sell their music online.
  • Encouraging artists to promote themselves valuing the importance of creating income with their music.
  • Offering a unique state-of-the-art royalty system ensuring artists receive the proper payment according to their sales.
  • Providing lower prices and better service.
  • Working Towards Enhancing the Musical Economy.


How We Work

How We Work

Our goal is to empower artists

BornAMusician.com’s goal is to empower artists by giving them the tools they need to succeed in the highly competitive performing world. Too many artists do not realize they have intellectual rights legally protecting their art. We want to make artists aware of these rights.

In addition to that, we aim to help artists develop their understanding of the business aspects of the entertainment industry. We assist them to sell their music online and keep themselves financially secure while doing what they love to do. We work with the principle that artists are individuals with needs and goals who require nurturing and support.

BornAMusician.com provides the artist ongoing information regarding making their music a business. We want to assist artists who are trying to make a living with their arts by offering the best system that allows them to sell their music online. We have 150 digital stores including Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Deezer, 7 Digital, Rhapsody, Pandora, Beats Music, Pulselocker, KKBOX, XBOX, Beatport, TIDAL, MTV3 Download Store, Yahoo Music and so many more plus we offer the lowest prices on the face of the planet! There are tens of thousands of registered musicians and an estimated 62 million amateur musicians in the United States alone. Our goal is to enhance a musical economy by focusing on job creation for artists. BornAMusician.com is working together with the Merlin Danmark Music Group to manage your YouTube content. Click here for more info.

BornAMusician.com’s online subscription service enables musicians to sell, promote and distribute their music globally through a powerful database with immense capabilities to make an artist’s music go viral.



Frequently Asked Questions


If you have suggestions or questions regarding our website, please do not hesitate to email us to let us know. We are constantly looking to upgrade the quality of our website, and your opinion is very valuable to us as we do this. For more answers to your questions, please Sign Up for free and then Login to view more Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Who is eligible for digital distribution? Any artist or band that has created an account with Born A Musician and has agreed to the terms & conditions and the digital distribution agreement.
  • Am I giving away any rights to my music? No. You are only giving us the non-exclusive rights to deliver your music to digital music stores on your behalf.
  • Is my music guaranteed to be available in all stores? Unfortunately, no. Each store has the right to refuse your release. Reasons for rejection could be: The quality of the recording or artwork. The genre of your music is not accommodated by the store or abusive and extreme political content.
  • How long will my release be available in the shops? Your release will be available for as long as your subscription or renewal fees have been paid or until you tell us to remove your release from the shops.
  • Will my release be available in all countries? If a shop is currently available in a particular country, your release will be available. There are also hundreds of shops in different countries that you maybe do not even know about. Your release will also be available in these shops.
  • Do I have to own the rights to the music I release? You must own the rights or have been given permission by the rights owner and have your release approved by them. This applies to cover versions, Re-mixes & for the use of sampled pieces of music, vocals, radio, film or TV samples used within your release.
  • When do I get paid? Every time you reach $20.00 or more in sales
  • How do I get paid? You have the option to be paid using your PayPal account or Direct Deposit to your bank account.  Sign up now with PayPal.com
  • How do I take down my song and how much does it cost?  The charge to take down a Single, EP or Album $20.00.  To take down your release, you must do the following. Login and click on My Releases. Then click on the pencil icon next to where it says delivered. Then click on the World Icon that has a Red X and the following image below will appear.
  • How can I update my releases? To update your release, you must do the following. Login and click on My Releases. Then click on the pencil icon next to where it says delivered. Click on the pencil again to edit your release and the following image below will appear.
For more answers to your questions, please Sign Up for free and then Login to view more at our FAQ section

    YouTube Montetization

    YouTube Montetization

    BornAMusician 400x172.png

    How Does YouTube Monetization Work?

    It’s simple, really. Because we are already distributing your music to download stores worldwide, we already have all of the information necessary to deliver sample audio files and metadata to YouTube to enable them “fingerprint” your music and store all the information necessary to establish you as the rights owner.

    This fingerprinted file will be scanned through the complete YouTube network looking for audio files that are the same, similar or could include parts of your music. A claim then generated when matches are found, indicating that someone is using your music. We then review the musical / video content that has been claimed and if it is music that we have in our normal distribution network we assert the right to manage this claim on your behalf thereby allowing us to monetize your music on your behalf.

    Any income generated will then appear on your royalty statement located within the Born A Musician wizard under Sales and Reporting as it does per normal downloads, streaming or subscription services showing the amount collected from YouTube on your behalf and the amount owed to you based upon our existing agreement.

    If YouTube then finds audio files that are the same as yours, are cover versions, live versions, karaoke versions, acoustic versions or anything at all that is like your music a claim is then generated and a mail sent to the user that uploaded your music or to you if you uploaded it yourself. The user will then have to accept that we are claiming the rights on your behalf; the video stays online, but we will be monetizing your music while the user keeps the rights to the video.

    This notice will come from YouTube and will say that {Merlin} Danmark Music Group is claiming the rights to this music. All you have to do is accept this claim, and BornAMusician.com {Merlin} Danmark Music Group will then be monetizing your music on your behalf and generating up to 60% more income via YouTube.