Born A Musician offers the independent artist more

Born A Musician’s online subscription service enables musicians and artists to sell, promote and distribute their music globally through a powerful viral database. We currently have over 250 digital stores worldwide including iTunes, iTunes Radio, iTunes Match, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, TIDAL, Pandora, XBOX, KKBOX, Deezer, Rhapsody / Naptster, 7 Digital, and so many more. We also offer YouTube Monetization on every Single, EP, and Album that is uploaded online using our digital subscription services at no extra charge. Born A Musician also offers services such as mastering, recording, web page design, widgets, consulting, photography, album art, and press releases.

We do all that through our parent company Rising Sun Music recording studios which are located in Tampa, Florida. We also have our own Facebook Group Page to help to artists promote shows and sell their music online. Born A Musician, digital subscription services offers the easiest music distribution platform in the world. Sign up for free and find out for yourself how easy it is.

Mission Statement

Being true lovers of music, we pride ourselves on stimulating the musical economy and re-educating artists ensuring a bright future for the music industry of today and tomorrow by:

  • Keeping a positive and encouraging attitude with artists and business associates.
  • Offering various subscription packages for the artist’s goals and needs to sell their music online.
  • Encouraging artists to promote themselves valuing the importance of creating income with their music.
  • Offering a unique state-of-the-art royalty system ensuring artists receive the proper payment according to their sales.
  • Providing lower prices and better service.
  • Working Towards Enhancing the Musical Economy.