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How Does YouTube Monetization Work?

It’s simple, really. Because we are already distributing your music to download stores worldwide, we already have all of the information necessary to deliver sample audio files and metadata to YouTube to enable them “fingerprint” your music and store all the information necessary to establish you as the rights owner.

This fingerprinted file will be scanned through the complete YouTube network looking for audio files that are the same, similar or could include parts of your music. A claim then generated when matches are found, indicating that someone is using your music. We then review the musical / video content that has been claimed and if it is music that we have in our normal distribution network we assert the right to manage this claim on your behalf thereby allowing us to monetize your music on your behalf.

Any income generated will then appear on your royalty statement located within the Born A Musician wizard under Sales and Reporting as it does per normal downloads, streaming or subscription services showing the amount collected from YouTube on your behalf and the amount owed to you based upon our existing agreement.

If YouTube then finds audio files that are the same as yours, are cover versions, live versions, karaoke versions, acoustic versions or anything at all that is like your music a claim is then generated and a mail sent to the user that uploaded your music or to you if you uploaded it yourself. The user will then have to accept that we are claiming the rights on your behalf; the video stays online, but we will be monetizing your music while the user keeps the rights to the video.

This notice will come from YouTube and will say that {Merlin} Danmark Music Group is claiming the rights to this music. All you have to do is accept this claim, and {Merlin} Danmark Music Group will then be monetizing your music on your behalf and generating up to 60% more income via YouTube.